The Frog Goes Mobile!
Take your NoteFrog™ Stacks with you!
Desktop - Laptop - Netbook - Pad - Tablet - Smart Phone
Frog goes mobile
Taking the power of NoteFrog with you couldn't be much easier.
Windows - Mac - Linux - PC - Laptop - Notebook - Netbook - Pad - Pod - Tablet - SmartPhone
1) Using the NoteFrog program Stack Export, save your Stack/s as .html files on your PC.
    - These files contain your Stack items along with a small search-and-display program.
    - The files need only to be opened in any standards-compliant browser.

2) Choose a method to store your .html Stack files where they can be shared.
    - Use any commercial or free Internet Cloud service:
            e.g. Dropbox, Skydrive, Amazon Cloud, Google Drive
    - Email the files to yourself as attachments
    - Store the files anywhere on the Internet.
    - Copy the files to a flash drive, CD or DVD

3) Open your Stacks in any modern standards-compliant browser, any device, anywhere.
    - Click or Drag your stored Cloud Service Stack .html files into a browser.
    - Launch your E-mail attachments
    - Input your uploaded Stack .html URLs to the device browser.
    - Click your Stack .html files on flash drive, CD or DVD

To reduce file size, mobile Stacks contain only the plain text portion of your original notes with text-formatting and embedded images omitted. Mobile Stacks are read-only and searchable including compound (search-in-subset) searches. Website links within notes are "live" and clickable.
Try the demo below now, or on this or any device by browsing to Internet address: